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It is everything you need to authenticate the identities of
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Adopt a mobile-first strategy. Streamline and reduce time taken for corporate onboarding with our Android and iOS applications.


Integrate your way to success. Our API lets you collect and transmit customer data for a fast and seamless authentication process.


Our technology, your platform. Build our features on your own applications with our web and mobile SDK integration.

Our core technologies

eKYC Cloud has an identity detection accuracy of up to 99%. Powered by artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies, our algorithm is able to process over 10 facial features including gender, age, face and facial expression.

Reduce the risk of image tampering when you distinguish a real person from image manipulation in a matter of seconds. Analysing micro-facial movements, eKYC Cloud ensures that a live user is infront of the camera and provides a secure, frictionless verification process for high risk verticals.

Accurately detect whether an uploaded photo matches the identification document provided with eKYC Cloud. Our advanced image retrieval algorithm automatically compares ID photos and user face information across standard documents such as passports, identification cards and driver licenses.

Easily convert documents like passports, identity cards and driving licenses into an editable format with our advanced character recognition technology. Capable of identifying characters and numbers, eKYC Cloud ’s smart imaging algorithm continuously learns with each capture to increase verification accuracy.

Digital Signature

Our collaborations with Certificate Authorities enable you and your corporate clients to electronically sign agreements that are legally recognised.

Privacy Plus

Allow your corporate clients to manage and encrypt their name cards, digital signature, identity documents and other data with their own private certificate. Learn more.

Security you can trust

Privacy is everything in identity management. We integrate enterprise-class security features to protect your users and their data.


Our robust security framework includes security checks and security protection, to ensure data security and user privacy.


Our security never sleeps. Monitoring is performed on a 24/7/365 basis so that vulnerabilities can be identified in the shortest time possible.

Free and Easily Accessible

No purchase of additional hardware or software is needed. Our security measures instantly applies upon successful integration with our eKYC Cloud.

Identity verification for a great corporate onboarding experience

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